Sports Psychology Performance Coaching

The psychology of sports performance is much more than simply learning how to breathe fully or visualize your competitive performance. True results come from addressing the entire mind-body network. My comprehensive approach is rooted in a supportive connection with each client.  This enables us to explore performance blocks stemming from any potential nutritional deficiencies, physiological or psychological stress responses, kinetic chain deficits or other mind-body dynamics. Being thorough in our investigation allows us to be precise in how we get you feeling and performing your best.  Small 15 degree shifts is all it takes to make big changes. 

Are you a coach or athletic director looking for sport psychology performance coaching services for your team, or multiple teams at your school or university? Comprehensive team training packages are available which include: practice observation sessions, group and individual sport psychology performance coaching sessions, run gait training sessions (if applicable) and optimal nutrition evaluations for each athlete utilizing top of the line Spectra Cell Laboratories cellular micronutrient testing results.  

Executive Performance Coaching

Do you find yourself off your "A game" at the office, reliant on coffee to wake up and alcohol to fall asleep? Are you missing your edge and you don't know why? This is where executive performance coaching can help. My comprehensive approach towards performance psychology and integrative nutrition addresses the mind-body connection and how a variety of factors may be impacting your productivity, confidence and motivation in the workplace.  Our sessions together will focus on getting to the root source of your roadblock and making those small 15 degree shifts so that you can start reaching those goals you always dreamed of achieving.

Inspirational Speaker 

Motivation is purposeful, yet fleeting.  It is what we use to get our laundry folded, and our bills paid on time.  Inspiration, however, is what fuels our soul and makes us feel alive.  So often people feel uninspired, as though they are merely going through the motions. But what if the problem isn't that everything is going wrong, but that we merely need to make a 15 degree shift in our perspective?  This is what 15 degree Mind Body Performance Coaching seminars and group trainings help you and your team to do; how to turn small 15 degree shifts into big changes. 

Why 15 degrees?

Whether we're aware of it or not, there is always a mind body connection at work in our lives; in our performance, our health, our connection to others, it's there.  Uncovering how it's playing out in your life can have a powerful impact on your performance and wellbeing.  

A bit of background on my own story, after being sidelined by a systemic bacterial infection for two months I was finally well enough to return to my work as a run coach and personal trainer. Running was still out of the question, walking was still exhausting, but standing was becoming more manageable. I was so excited to see my athletes again and to feel productive. My mind seemed ready to get back to my daily life, but my body was still struggling. 

As I was working with a client I began to feel unsteady and had to sit down while he rode the bike in front of me. I was exhausted and so incredibly frustrated. I looked at him and said with total despair, "I just miss my life. I miss running. I miss coaching. I miss feeling healthy."  He stared at me, smiled, and with the most profound words said, "Maybe the problem is that you're trying to do a 180, when all you need is a 15 degree shift in perspective."  Instantly I felt relief. He was exactly right. I had been so focused on not being where I wanted to be that I was unable to see how far I had come, how much progress I had made. I was stuck, but I didn't have to be. Just a small 15 degree shift in perspective was all I needed to feel completely different about my situation. I knew how to help my clients to find this enlightenment, but needed help finding it in myself. 

Fast forward to the next day during my craniosacral physical therapy appointment. I had been to a few appointments before as we worked to untangle the tension that developed from two months of couch potato life, but this session proved to be serendipitous. 

As the therapist was assessing the tension in my neck and shoulders she casually said, "Yea, things are really tight, but you're only off by about 15 degrees." I spun my head around and asked her to repeat what she had just said, completely floored by the irony.  "You're only off by 15 degrees", she said.

It seemed far too meaningful to be a coincidence, and much too impactful to dismiss it. And so, 15 Degree Mind Body Performance Coaching was born. 

In my work with students, athletes and executives I have found that everyone is either running towards something, or away from something in their pursuit of success.  Maybe it's prestige or attention we're running towards, or fear or abandonment we're running from, but either way, at any given moment one or more of those forces are at work in your life. (Yes, even you.)  

This by itself is neither good nor bad.  Motivation can be found from either force.  However, when we're unaware of how these forces are impacting us, we can find ourselves never truly feeling satisfied with what we have achieved.  We continue to put in the time and the effort but never feel that our thirst for success is quenched.  Yes we've reached milestones and experienced feelings of achievement, but then the feeling of "I need to" comes back, often with even bigger vengeance; stuck in the exhausting cycle of pulling when we thought we were pushing, or vice versus.

15 Degree Mind Body Performance Coaching is built on the foundation that in order to know where you're going, you need to know where you are and how you got there.  It is in this space of clarity that we find that small 15 degree shifts, either in your perspective, your nutrition, your relationships, or your workouts, is all that it takes to get your mind-body connection back on track so that you can fuel for your best life.


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