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Coaching Services and Packages

In-Person Personal Training/Run Coaching  $80/60 min

These dynamic 60 min sessions focus on initiating and developing optimal activation and stability patterns.  These cardiovascular fitness and strength training workouts are designed specifically to sculpt your body and prepare it to perform at its best, in life and in sport.

In-Person Mental Strength Training Session $100/60 min

In these 60 min sessions, clients explore mental road blocks that may be impacting performance.  A comprehensive approach addressing nutrition, the client's stress response, and mental strength training techniques are incorporated to enhance performance. 

Reiki/Reiki Stretch Session     $80/60 min      $65/45 min

Utilizing the power of reiki energy, clients can expect to experience a deep state of relaxation, clarity and restoration. As the energy flows throughout the session, and blockages are opened and cleared, the body is more readily able to heal past and present trauma (physical or emotional), thus giving your mind and body the space to feel and perform at your very best.  

These 45 or 60 min sessions can be combined with stretching to facility stronger range of motion and mobility throughout the body.

Virtual Health Coaching Session         $100/60 min

These 60 min virtual sessions provide accountability and support for regarding your total mind body health and wellness needs, including: nutrition, sleep, stress management and behavioral support.

15° Health and Wellness Virtual Coaching Package

Ideal for men and women looking to gain structure, accountability, and coaching support regarding their individual stress, sleep, nutrition, and fitness needs in order to optimize health and wellness.

Package Includes:

  • Four x 30 minute phone/Google Meet coaching sessions per month (1x weekly) to provide you with personalized nutritional accountability and support as you work towards your goals.  

  • Includes four week band and body weight fitness program to help you gain strength, stability and flexibility.

15° Health and Performance Virtual Coaching Package

Ideal for male and female athletes looking to reach the next level of their game through custom coaching built specifically for you: nutrition planning, custom performance and injury prevention focused strength training, and mental strength training programming.

Package Includes:

  • Four x 30 minute phone/Google Meet coaching sessions per month (1x weekly) to provide coaching support regarding your specific health and performance needs.

  • Custom daily fitness and strength training program housed through Final Surge online coaching platform.

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